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The 1st. independent MTG film Tap: Max´s Game

2D Studio in coproduction with AVC ČVUT presents

TAP: Max’s Game
Directed by Kamil Beer 

Czech director and writer Kamil Beer, in association with Tomáš Lénárd’s 2D Studio and the Audiovisual centre of ČVUT college present the sports drama Tap: Max’s Game. Musical score composed by Stanislav Ferko, author of the Srdce musical and Srdcefest organisator. Max´s Game is the first movie inspired by the card game Magic: the Gatherng, played by over six million people around the world. This unique independent film, dedicated not only to Magic players and fans of the sports drama genre, tells an exciting story about the strength of a true friendship.
„Everyone has happy endings. If it's not happy, then it's not the end.“ Karel Adam (Ondřej Holeček), however, seems to disagree. Several years ago, he and his four best friends were the top players in a Magic club Fireball and had the time of their lives. They needed nothing but still had it all – they had each other.
However, these times are long over. The Fireball gang had shattered and the club was sold. Only Karel now visits the closed club, remembering the great times he had.
One day, he sees his favourite game being played in a café, and so he asks himself a question: Can you stop being someone who have you been all the time?
And the answer changes his card career forever.

Max’s Game is a story about a friendship, separated by love...
... a friendship, separated by time...
... a friendship, separated by glory...
... a friendship, united by memories.
Come join Karel on a hard path towards a second chance, which is given just once in a lifetime...

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